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The Purpose of the MSHA

The Purpose of the Minnesota State Handball Association, Inc.

Per our Articles of Incorporation the Minnesota State handball Association, Inc. 

The purposes of the Corporation are to perpetuate and promote the game and sport of handball throughout the State of Minnesota as one of the national athletic games of the State of Minnesota and the United States, and contribute to the support of exclusively charitable and educational activities and projects and to foster national amateur sports competition within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

In support of such purposes, the principal activities of the corporation shall be:

  1. To promote within the State of Minnesota, (i) the use of rules governing the conduct and play of handball games promulgated by the United States Handball Association, and (ii) a high standard of skill, fair play, integrity, and good sportsman-ship among players of the sport of handball;

  2. Through the officers of the Corporation, to resolve issues and promote agreements among players and organizations promoting, teaching, sponsoring and hosting the playing of handball games within the State of Minnesota;

  3. To further the development of youth in mind and body by the teaching of fair play and good sportsmanship generally through the sport of handball and in addition to such educational benefits, provide scholarships to selected, deserving recipients for attending clinics and competitions throughout the State of Minnesota, and in selected instances national and international tournaments and competitions;

  4. To further its statewide membership by promoting awards and recognition events for members and non-members; and to administer the Moy Langhorst Award for deserving Minnesota handball players who display the requisite perseverance, integrity, sportsmanship and determination recognized by the Award;

  5. To conduct handball clinics sponsored by the Association directly and in collaboration with nonprofit organizations such as the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota State University at Mankato, and other Minnesota colleges and universities, for the purpose of introducing and teaching the game of handball and its basic fundamentals and skills of play to players of all ages, without regard to race, gender, religion, natural origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or veteran status, and to provide need based scholarships and financial assistance to the extent possible, given the available resources of the Association;

  6. To develop and promote outstanding statewide and community tournaments at each level of ability throughout Minnesota, in such manner and at such places as to enable participation by as wide a cross-section of players as possible;

  7. To prepare players of the sport of handball within the State of Minnesota to play in national and international competitions and to promote and support international and national tournaments and competitions within the State of Minnesota;

  8. To do any and all other acts and things and to exercise all other rights and powers which may be necessary, incidental, desirable, or expedient in the accomplishment of any of the foregoing purposes.