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2015 MSHA Open Doubles

2015 MSHA Open Doubles

Minnesota State Handball Association
2015 Open Doubles State Handball Championships
March 20-21, 2015
University of Minnesota Rec. Center, Minneapolis, MN

One quarter of the matches went to tie-breakers in a very competitive MSHA Open Doubles tournament at the University of Minnesota Recreation and Wellness Center in Minneapolis.  Nearly seventy players and their spectators were treated to some terrific handball.  The U of M provided a great venue, as always. 

In the Open, Andy Nett and John Nett extended their streak with a sixth straight championship with a win over Ryan Maloney and Mike Gustafson.  What a week for Andy as he defeated 2nd seeded Luis Moreno and 3rd seed Sean Lenning before falling to the #1 player in the world Paul Brady at the R48 Pro Stop in New York City.  Then he comes home to take another Minnesota Championship!  While the score doesn’t show it, the final match was some great handball.  Ryan Maloney was lights-out serving in streaks as they would score 4 or 5 points in a row until the Netts could force a side-out.  They were down in the second game with the crowd hoping for a tie-breaker but Andy displayed a determination that could not be defeated.  Mat Job and Tyler Stoffel showed they can compete at the open level defeating Chris Iverson and Pete Crouser before falling to the Netts and taking third place over Ryan and Bruce Pesch in three games – it’s tough to beat too young and improving kids by yourself Ryan!  Mike Wells and John Stoffel took consolation honors over Crouser and Iverson.

The first round losers in the Open played for the A championship.  David Miller and Dave Schiller took the honors in a thrilling tie-breaker finals. Last year’s B champions John and Steve Laliberte lost in the third place playoff to Jerad Michels and Ricky Ness.  New to the Minnesota scene this year, Dave Schiller brings a one-wall background and powerful stroke sometimes blowing his opponents away until they can catch up to the speed.  Team with David Miller they gave Ray Miller and Marc tobin a good run in the first round of the open before winning the A’s.  The final against Jim Grota and Joe lacey-Gotz was a fast and furious battle as Schiller displayed his one-wall cuts and Grota showed superior defense.  The 11-7 third game could have gone either way.

Brian Coonce and Jessica Bohlken defeated Phil and Trevor Kleineschay for the B Doubles this year. Both Coonce and Phil Kleineschay took iron-man honors playing in both the B and the GM divisions with five matches apiece.  Coonce gets edge with his head-to-head win in the Bs!  The finals was a dual of great gets and hand errors.  It took three games to name the champion.  Bohlken and Coonce fought through a very competitive semifinal tie-breaker match with third place winners Adrian Anderson and Kevin Pattain.  Alex Meyer and Theodore Spencer won the consolation trophy over Tom Pearson and Vern Miller

Jesica Herion and Missy Kohout worked their way up from the fourth seed to defeat Andrew and Austin Macleaod for the C Doubles title and improving on their consolation lost last year.   Trent and Tyler Edwards claimed third place over Courtney Johnson and Steve Gering.  Leah Grism and Venessa Arndt took consolation honors over Laurie Hiebert and Nikki Theobald – an all women match in the men’s doubles!

Steve Johnson and Tim Labey moved into the age bracket and snagged their first Golden Masters A championship in a controversial 11-10 tie-breaker finish over Jay Spooner and Dan Passolt who have been dominating in this bracket for several years across several local tournaments.  Spooner thought they had the 11th point three times but hinders stopped their final point.  Johnson and Labey fought back from 10-5 to get the win after several side-outs.  Both teams went tie-breaker in the semis leaving Brett Broxey and John Miller to battle Mike Kloos and Brian Coonce for third place.  Broxey/Miller took that match in three games.  The last four games in the 50’s division went to tie-breakers!  Keith Schaumann and Phil Kleineschay took consolation honors over Brain Mahaffy and Greg Taylor.

Open/A Drop-Down Doubles

     Rnd of 16:

Bruce Pesch / Ryan Pesch    d.  John Laliberte / Stephen Laliberte    21-8, 21-14


Chris Iverson / Pete Crouser    d.  Jerad Michels / Ricky Ness    21-10, 21-6


Matt Job / Tyler Stoffel    d.  Kristina Rude / Mathias Langhorst    21-9, 21-16


John Stoffel / Mike Wells    d.  Steven Tamminga / Drew Engelmeyer    21-2, 21-20


Dane Swanson / Nick Olson    d.  James Grota / Joe Lacey-Gotz    6-21, 21-13, 11-10


Marc Tobin / Ray Miller    d.  David Miller / David Schiller    19-21, 21-16, 11-3


Andy Nett / John Nett    d.  Marc Tobin / Ray Miller    21-7, 21-7


Mike Gustafson / Ryan Maloney    d.  Dane Swanson / Nick Olson    21-4, 21-10


Bruce Pesch / Ryan Pesch    d.  John Stoffel / Mike Wells    21-7, 21-9


Matt Job / Tyler Stoffel    d.  Chris Iverson / Pete Crouser    21-15, 21-18


Andy Nett / John Nett    d.  Matt Job / Tyler Stoffel    21-9, 21-14


Mike Gustafson / Ryan Maloney    d.  Bruce Pesch / Ryan Pesch    21-15, 21-16


Matt Job / Tyler Stoffel    d.  Bruce Pesch / Ryan Pesch    19-21, 21-2, 11-9


Andy Nett / John Nett    d.  Mike Gustafson / Ryan Maloney    21-9, 21-15


Open Doubles Consolation


Chris Iverson / Pete Crouser   d.   Marc Tobin / Ray Miller 21-6, 21-13


John Stoffel / Mike Wells   d.  Dane Swanson / Nick Olson   21-10, 21-16


John Stoffel / Mike Wells   d. Chris Iverson / Pete Crouser   21-19, 21-8


A Doubles (Drop-Down from Open)


John Laliberte / Stephen Laliberte    d.  Steven Tamminga / Drew Engelmeyer    21-20, 17-21, 11-7


Jerad Michels / Ricky Ness    d.  Kristina Rude / Mathias Langhorst    16-21, 21-8, 11-5


David Miller / David Schiller    d.  Jerad Michels / Ricky Ness    21-11, 21-16


James Grota / Joe Lacey-Gotz    d.  John Laliberte / Stephen Laliberte    21-10, 21-1


Jerad Michels / Ricky Ness    d.  John Laliberte / Stephen Laliberte    21-12, 21-5


David Miller / David Schiller    d.  James Grota / Joe Lacey-Gotz    9-21, 21-11, 11-7


B Doubles


Phil Kleineschay / Trevor Kleineschay    d.  Josh Hoflock / Shannon Strand    21-12, 21-8


Brian Coonce / Jessica Bohlken    d.  Marko Sandori / William Bjornnes    21-12, 21-5


Adrian Anderson / Kevin Pattain    d.  Thomas Pearson / Vernon Miller    21-11, 21-5


Pete Kaehler / Tim Zigmund    d.  Alex Meyer / Theodore Spencer    21-9, 21-11


Phil Kleineschay / Trevor Kleineschay    d.  Pete Kaehler / Tim Zigmund    21-19, 21-17


Brian Coonce / Jessica Bohlken    d.  Adrian Anderson / Kevin Pattain    21-19, 11-21, 11-3


Adrian Anderson / Kevin Pattain    d.  Pete Kaehler / Tim Zigmund    21-10, 21-17


Brian Coonce / Jessica Bohlken    d.  Phil Kleineschay / Trevor Kleineschay    21-12, 13-21, 11-6


B Doubles Consolation


Alex Meyer / Theodore Spencer    d.  Josh Hoflock / Shannon Strand    21-1, 21-11


Thomas Pearson / Vernon Miller    d.  Marko Sandori / William Bjornnes    21-20, 21-13


Alex Meyer / Theodore Spencer    d.  Thomas Pearson / Vernon Miller    21-11, 21-10


C Doubles


Andrew Macleod / Austin Macleod    d.  Leah Grisim / Vanessa Arndt    21-0, 21-3


Jessica Herion / Missy Kohout    d.  Laurie Hiebert / Nikki Theobald    21-1, 21-5


Jessica Herion / Missy Kohout    d.  Courtney Johnson / Steven Gering    21-8, 21-8


Andrew Macleod / Austin Macleod    d.  Trent Edwards / Tyler Edwards    21-13, 21-10


Trent Edwards / Tyler Edwards    d.  Courtney Johnson / Steven Gering    21-13, 21-14


Jessica Herion / Missy Kohout    d.  Andrew Macleod / Austin Macleod    21-13, 21-20


C Doubles Consolation


Leah Grisim / Vanessa Arndt    d.  Laurie Hiebert / Nikki Theobald    21-7, 21-3


Golden Masters (50+) Doubles


Dan Passolt / Jay Spooner    d.  Brian Mahaffy / Greg Taylor    21-8, 21-8


Brett Broxey / John Miller    d.  Dean Held / George Langhorst    21-7, 21-8


Brian Coonce / Mike Kloos    d.  Keith Schaumann / Phil Kleineschay    21-15, 21-9


Steve Johnson / Tim Labey    d.  Brian Coonce / Mike Kloos    18-21, 21-13, 11-3


Dan Passolt / Jay Spooner    d.  Brett Broxey / John Miller    21-4, 16-21, 11-5


Brett Broxey / John Miller    d.  Brian Coonce / Mike Kloos    16-21, 21-3, 11-2


Steve Johnson / Tim Labey    d.  Dan Passolt / Jay Spooner    18-21, 21-19, 11-10


Golden Masters Doubles Consolation


Brian Mahaffy / Greg Taylor    d.  Dean Held / George Langhorst    18-21, 21-11, 11-3


Keith Schaumann / Phil Kleineschay    d.  Brian Mahaffy / Greg Taylor    21-12, 21-7