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2013 Winter Carnival Doubles

2013 Winter Carnival Handball Doubles

2013 Winter Carnival Handball Doubles
February 8-9, 2013
Skyway YMCA

2013 Winter Carnival at St Paul Skyway YMCA.  The YMCA’s staff did a great job helping make this one of the best tournaments.  Mike Kloos did a great job on the draw.  When you look at the draw the match followed the seeding.

This was the best turnout of new and returning players.  Each division had very competitive play. The Open Division was a classic team effort for John and Andy Nett.  John said, “I don’t have to put any pressure on myself to score points.  I just keep the ball in play and let Andy use all his skills to take charge of the match”. John and Andy played some great handball to reclaim the title in the Open Division.

Ray Miller, Tony Krocak, John Nett, Andy Nett

Tony Krocak and Ray Miller had to battle their way to the championship round.  They had a real challenge from Mike Gustafson and Tim Labey.  John and Andy had to keep pressure on Marc Tobin and Matt Hiber to get to the finals.  Third place was won by Matt Hiber and Marc Tobin over Mike Gustafson and Tim Labey. Tim did a nice job refereeing the finals of the open division.  The Coni championship was won by the kid from Mankato, Doc Wells, and his partner Ryan Maloney (another Irishman) over Tim Kappes (trying to carry Brian Burke (yes, him too).  This was the game in which Brian tweaked his knee.

In the Father/Son Division, Ed Miller guided his son David to the finals.  John and Steve Laliberte battled Adalberto, Sr. and Jesus Cordero  and came up short.  Jack and Al Leveille gave a good effort in their match with George and Mat Langhorst.  That set up the quarterfinals between the Millers vs Cordero’s and Burke’s.  The finals between the Burkes and the Millers had a little twist.  Brian had a little tweak in his knee.  So Brian called his life line to bring in a sub.  The sub was the one and only Dane (Christiansen, Drew, Rude, Miller) Swanson.  As luck would have it, Mike just could not carry Dane and the Millers took their second championship.

Mike Burke, Brian Burke, Ed Miller, David Miller

In the Youngster Division, Dane (Christiansen, Drew, Rude, Miller) Swanson and David Miller powered their way to the finals and ousted Nick Olson and Wes Bussler.  Third place was won by Kara Smith and Bailey Chandler.  Kara did a very nice job carrying Bailey past a very tough team from Mankato, Brent Friedrichs and Billy Craig.  The Coni championship was won by another team from Mankato, Tikhon Esaulenko and Ricky Ness vs. John Laliberte and Dr. Chris Drucker.

Wes Bussler, Nick Olson, David Miller, Dane Swanson

The Ole and Lena division was a ho hum win by John Miller (no relation to David) and Brett Broxey. They did have to sweat a little to defeat hard serving Joe Lacey-Gotz and the crafty Mr. Bill Hickey. Third place was won by Mr. Mike Black and ever ready bunny Dave Hermes over a SAAC  team of Steve Tamminga and puffer Clancy Mylan.  The Coni championship was a grueling match between George Langhorst and Mark Brissett vs. Adalberto Cordero, Sr. and Sergio Garcia.  Mark did a very nice job dragging George to the win.

John Miller, Brett Broxey, Bill Hickey, Joe Lacey-Gotz

Lars & Gertrude (120+) division  was an all Wisconsin Finals won by Charlie Keller and John Dahl over Bob Roth and Ed Werstein.  Third place went to another kid from Wisconsin, Pete Kaehler , who carried his partner Brian Coonce over Greg Tayor and an Irishman Brian Mahaffey.  The Coni was  won by two more Irishmen, Mike McQuillian and Larry Griesgraber vs. the old pro, Rich Ryan and the man from the class of ’67 Ed Simonet (special ed).

Charlie Keller, John Dahl, Bob Roth, Ed Werstein

Open Doubles

  • John Nett/Andy Nett def. Mat Langhorst/Nick Olson 21-8, 21-2
  • Matt Hiber/Marc Tobin def. Ryan Maloney/Mike Wells 21-6, 21-16
  • Mike Gustafson/Tim Labey def. Brian Burke/Tim Kappes 21-8, 21-11
  • Tony Krocak/Ray Miller def. Jim Grota/Todd Boyce 21-11, 21-6


  • Nett/Nett def. Hiber/Tobin 21-13, 21-11
  • Krocak/Miller def. Gustafson/Labey 18-21, 21-15, 11-2


  • Nett/Nett def. Krocak/Miller 21-6, 21-10

Third Place

  • Hiber/Tobin def. Gustafson/Labey 21-13, 13-21, 11-8


  • Maloney/Wells def. Burke/Kappes 21-12, 21-9

Father & Son/Daughter Doubles

  • Ed Miller/David Miller BYE
  • Aldaberto Cordero sr./Jesus Cordero def. Steve Laliberte/John Laliberte 21-18, 21-10
  • George Langhorst/Mat Lnaghorts def. Jack Leveille/Alan Baumgarten-Laveille 21-9, 21-13
  • Mike Burke/Brian Burke BYE


  • Miller def. Cordero 21-3, 21-4
  • Burke def. Langhorst 15-21, 21-9, 11-0


  • Miller def. Burke 21-14, 21-12

Third Place

  • Langhorst def. Cordero 21-10, 21-16


  • Leveille def. Laliberte 14-21, 21-12, 11-10

Youngster Doubles (<100)

  • Dane Swanson/David Miller def. Sara Schoberg/Jessica Herion 21-3, 21-0
  • Brent Friedrichs/Bill V=Craig def. John Laliberte/Chris Drucker 21-14, 17-21, 11-3
  • Bailey Chandler/Kara Smith def. Adalberto Cordero Jr./Louis Kunesh 21-4, 21-3
  • Nick Olson/Wes Bussler def. Tikhon Esaulenko/Ricky Ness 21-5, 21-14


  • Swanson/Miller def. Friedrichs/Craig 21-7, 21-10
  • Olson/Bussler def. Chandler/Smith 21-15, 21-10


  • Swanson/Miller def. Olson/Bussler 21-13, 21-3

Third Place

  • Chandler/Smith def. Friedrichs/Craig 21-17, 21-16


  • Esaulenko/Ness def. Laliberte/Drucker 21-16, 21-15

Ole & Lena Doubles (100-119)

  • John Miller/Brett Broxey def. Jared Vale/Bill Russell 21-5, 21-11
  • Steve Tamminga/Clancy Mylan def. George Langhorst/Mark Brissett 21-5, 13-21, 11-5
  • Mike Black/Dave Hermes Adalberto Cordero/Sergio Garcia 21-6, 21-9
  • Bill Hickey/Joe Lacey-Gotz def. Bill Ingram/Mark McQuillan 21-2, 21-8


  • Miller/Broxey def. Tamminga/Mylan 21-11, 21-4
  • Hickey/Lacey-Gotz def. Black/Hermes 21-16, 21-13


  • Miller/Broxey def. Hickey/Lacey-Gotz 21-12, 21-19

Third Place

  • Black/Hermes def. Tamminga/Mylan 10-21, 21-17, 11-2


  • Langhorst/Brissett def. Cordero/Garcia 21-19, 21-11

Lars & Gertrude Doubles (120+)

  • Charlie Keller/John Dahl def. Bill DeVahl/Tim Zigmund 21-13, 21-3
  • Greg Taylor/Brian Mahaffy def. Mike McQuillan/Larry Griesgraber 21-18, 21-12
  • Brian Coonce/Pete Kaehler def. John Nakasone/Darrell Saari 21-12, 8-21, 11-7
  • Bob Roth/Ed Werstein def. Ed Simonet/Rich Ryan 21-7, 21-7


  • Keller/Dahl def. Taylor/Mahaffy 21-10, 21-11
  • Roth/Werstein def. Coonce/Kaehler 21-16, 21-13


  • Keller/Dahl def. Roth/Werstein 21-13, 21-11

Third Place

  • Coonce/Kaehler def. Taylor/Mahaffy 21-9, 15-21, 11-10


  • McQuillan/Griesgraber def. Simonet/Ryan 21-1, 21-11

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