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Twin Cities Handball League

Start Times

League matches begin promptly at 6:30 pm.

Plan accordingly regarding traffic and travel time.

If you think you will be late, it is your responsibility to notify either someone on your team or the other team and let them know you are on your way.

While teams are encouraged to be understanding and allow competition to occur when reasonable, late players can be disqualified 30 minutes after the scheduled play time.

Meet Formats

The top skill players are expected to play in the top slots.
The home team chooses between a 4-match or 3-match format at the time of play.

The default league format has FIVE PLAYERS participating from each team:

Doubles-12 points
#1 Singles-9 points
#2 Singles-7 points
#3 Singles-5 points
_ _ _ _ _

#1 Doubles-13 points
#2 Doubles-11 points
Singles-9 points

Opposing captains may also agree to field SIX PLAYERS per team.
Such agreement is expected to be reached 24 hours or more before the time of play:

#1 Doubles-12 points
#1 Singles-9 points
#2 Doubles-7 points
#2 Singles-5 points
_ _ _ _ _ _

#1 Doubles-13 points
#2 Doubles-11 points
#3 Doubles-9 points

If a team cannot field enough players, forfeiture of any unplayed matches is awarded to the other team. If the other team's captain is not made aware of the lack of players before noon on the day of the meet, then the team lacking players is also penalized 5 points. If captains have agreed to a six-player format, then the format may be reduced to five players per team, without any forfeitures or penalties, only if adequate notice is submitted prior to noon on the day of the meet.


Each team provides two balls per meet.
If the home team chooses a 3-match format, the away team provides one ball.

Red 21 is the official league ball, but the ONE ball may be used if both sides agree.

Player Eligibility

An individual may only play for one team during a single season.

One is eligible for the playoffs if they have played in at least 3 regular season meets.