• Crowd at Skyway YMCA

    The crowd at the Skyway YMCA watches a tight Open match
  • Open Doubles Finalists

    Tony Krocak, Ryan Maloney, John Nett, Andy Nett
  • Open Doubles Third Place Finalists

    Tim Kappes, Mike Gustafson, Jim Grota, Mat langhorst
  • Open Doubles Consolation Finalists

    Ian Johnson, (uncle) Ray Miller, Michael Miller, David Miller
  • Father-Son/Daughter Doubles Finalists

    Brian Pesch, Ryan Pesch, Ray Miller, Alekzandra Miller
  • Father-Son/Daughter Doubles Third Place Finalists

    Ed Miller, David Miller, Mat Langhorst, George Langhorst
  • Father-Son/Daughter Doubles Consolation Finalists

    John Laliberte, Steve Laliberte, Adalberto Cordero, Jesus Cordero
  • Youngster (less than 105) Doubles Finalists

    Jesus Cordero, Steve Tamminga, Dave Hermes, Joe Lacey-Gotz
  • Youngster (less than 105) Doubles Third Place Finalists

    Bailey Chandler, Kara Smith, Tikhon Esaulenko, Ricky Ness
  • Youngster (less than 105) Doubles Consolation Finalists

    Jay Marshal, Tom Pearson, Steve LeTourneau, Sergio Gonzalez
  • Lars & Gertrude (120+) Doubles Finalists

    John Miller, Brett Broxey, Bill Hickey, Jim May
  • Lars & Gertrude (120+) Doubles Third Place Finalist

    Jim Kaster, Gary Rohrer, Tim Fichtel, Mike Burke
  • Lars & Gertrude (120+) Doubles Consolation Finalists

    Mark Brisset, George Langhorst, Bob Milliken, Mark Kahnle
  • Sven & Dorothy (120+) Doubles Finalists

    Hank Ulrich, Larry Larson
  • Sven & Dorothy (120+) Doubles Second Place Finalists

    Ed Simonet, Jim Boyd, Andy Staab, Pete Kaehler