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Twin Cities Regional Invitational Wallball

Twin Cities Regional Invitational

Wallball Handball Tournament
at Clayland Park
August 29-30, 2020

June 2020 Tournament Group

Come one, come all - Update

Hello all,

We've been getting a ton of positive support for the upcoming tournament. We've got a great weekend planned for everyone; notable players are coming from all over the country including, but not limited to, Sean Lenning from Seattle, David Velez from NY, and Tracy Davis from California.

We've also got sponsorship from BlackStack Brewing Company, a local St Paul Brewer located just a few blocks west of the courts.  BlackStack has generously offered to donate financially, as well as provide event materials such as a canopy and a large sign.  Not only were they willing to donate to this one event, but they were enthusiastic about partnering with us in the future and have said they'd like to be involved with any future tournaments we hold in their backyard.  And, of course, they are donating beer, so you're playing for more than just cash and camaraderie!  Their taproom has remained closed as of the moment, but you can still swing by and order crowlers-to-go and they will meet you curbside, so after you're done playing on Friday / Saturday, be sure to swing through and get a few for your fridge at home (and say thank you!)

In addition to continuing to promote the event and encourage as many of you as we can to participate, we would also like to say thank you to the many individuals who have contributed to this tournament with their personal donations. You guys and gals have all pitched in to make this happen, and your donations are greatly appreciated. We have decided to use any excess funds to create an official MN Wallball Club, which will be responsible for putting on future tournaments. So, congrats to everyone for helping make that a reality; we believe this is the start of something big, and we are excited to see what future years will bring for outdoor handball in MN.

For those who are playing in the tournament, PLEASE submit your entry fees promptly if you have not already. We've got quite a list growing, but we need everyone to commit their entry fees as soon as possible. There is a lot of organization and time that is required in order to properly host a tournament, so we will have to hold off any names from the draws who are missing payment.  Contact us privately if you require other payment methods, but otherwise payments can be made to Venmo @dschiller01.

One final note - even if you are not able to commit to playing in the tournament, or donating financially, the MN handball community needs your attendance on the 28th and 29th of August.  Even if you are only able to swing by for 10 minutes to check out the sites and sounds, it is crucial for our home handball crew to show up and show out for the first of what we are planning to be an annual event.  

Thanks everyone, looking forward to seeing you all..

Twin Cities Regional Invitational Wallball Tournament

MN Handball community,

If you haven't gotten out and tried one wall yet, now is the time!  We had a successful tournament in June with a lot of local talent and great competition. Players displayed great camaraderie and sportsmanship as well. Things couldn't have gone much better.

We are doing it again in August (29-30), in a much bigger way. In June there was only one division.  This time we are hosting an Open/invitational division, and an A/B division. There are singles and doubles for both divisions. Many of our local 4 wall players have come out and tried the courts, but we would love to see more of you. This is a great tournament for you to come try it out! 

I'm sure you are all familiar with a 4 wall great by the name of Sean Lenning; well, he is officially committed to the tournament, so if he can come play one wall at our wall, then so can you. He isn't the only one either. We are in talks with many other pro players (4 wall and 1 wall) to come right here, compete in our backyard and join in our camaraderie.

Please contact either Dave Schiller or Quinn Foley to come play. We need to hear from you by August 20th. Cost is $50, this allows you to play in one singles and one doubles division. We'll have prizes for all events, cash prizes for first and second place, and food and drink all weekend. There's going to be a consolation bracket for every event as well. 

If you are reading this and you are from out of state, we warmly welcome you to come play the game we all love and join in our camaraderie. Contact us and we will arrange local lodging for you and there will not be any fee for those willing to travel the distance to come join us.

Come, play and join the fun. Kick off the end of summer with us!



  • Ball used will be propenn ballistic (red)
  • Games to 25 points, with consolation bracket
  • There will be a 3 minute break at 15 points
  • Two - two minute timeout
  • A long or a short serve will grant you a second serve
  • A wide serve and you lose the serve
  • Points are scored only on your serves
  • The lines are all good. Except on the serve the short line is considered a short serve.
  • Hinders are called movements in one wall. It is the responsibility of the player hitting the ball to call it, and the referee will verify that it was, in-fact, a legitimate call by the player.
  • First to serve is decided by throwing the ball from the base line, low throw on the wall wins the serve.

Tournament fees can be paid in cash or sent via Venmo to @dschiller01


Stay safe and Healthy, Play Ball!

Dave and Quinn

headliner participants

Sean Lenning